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Tank Container Finder - Intermodal tank container search platform

Just find the tank container you need right here

The variety in tank containers is very large. It is not possible to use just any tank container for the product you want to transport. And even more important, international regulations, suchs as IMDG, RID/ADR and 49 CFR, do specify certain UN portable T-codes to your product. Besides, you want to know wether the tank container you need is available at the location of your choice.
Even when you are in need of a tank container to transport non-listed or foodgrade materials. We offer you the largest search platform for tank containers all over the world. That is why we can make it easy on you! Here at Tank Container Finder you will find the right tank container at the right location. Whether it is for lease or sale, at the end you will only have to decide which supplier you want to do business with.


Step 1: Find by material, UN-number or T-code

Type the name or discription of your material. Almost every product has a corresponding UN-number. This can be found in the MSDS (material safety data sheet). Based on the UN-number you can find the suitable UN portable tank container T-code. If you already know the UN portable T-code, you can choose the corresponding one directly from the list. In case you want to search based on ADR-code (European agreement international carriage of dangerous goods by road), please make your selection from the list. When searching for a foodgrade tank container or tank containers for for non-listed materials, simple type FOOD.


Step 2: Select the Packing Group

Accompanied with the UN-number goes a Packing Group for the transportation of dangerous goods (I - high danger, II - medium danger, III - low danger). As soon as you select the Packing Group for the material we immediately find the suitable tank container based on the applicable UN portable T-code.
As a result all containers available from all providers worldwide are shown!


Step 3: Select a location

When you want to find a tank container at a specific location, you select a country from the list. If necessary you may refine your result on the name of a city. We show you the results of your choice.


Step 4: Select specifications and options to your needs

If needed you may select specifications and options to refine the results. However, keep in mind that most of the mentioned suppliers can also offer the options of your choice.


Step 5: Get a price

Finally you ask for a price calculation at one or more suppliers of your choice!